Interested in holding an event at CIC Rotterdam? We welcome events that share our mission of increasing innovation and entrepreneurship. Everything contained within this broad definition is welcome to participate with us in organizing events. Our event area is also open for companies not located in CIC workspaces. We host hundreds of public events each year. They range from networking events, seminars, meetups, learning to code events, panel discussions, to hackathons.

There are learning opportunities for both the event organizers and the attendees. You can easily expand your network and find out more about a broad range of companies.

We have a variety of spaces and staff support available, ranging from a 350-person auditorium for e.g. big speaking engagements, to smaller spaces with breakout rooms. We are detail-oriented and are here to help, whether it’s by recommending caterers, speakers, booking spaces, or simply helping to get the word out to the CIC community. This is part of how we offer active support to our community as a whole so we can help every company inside CIC grow.

You can contact us via this form.

If you’re interested in partnering with our sister non-profit organization, Venture Cafe Rotterdam, you can contact them here.